Architectural and Interiors Photography

For Architects, Real Estate Agencies, Hotels and Private Clients.

A professional photographic service is a precious investment. Your client’s first impression is crucial.

I am Alessandro Della Savia, an architectural photographer who provides services for architects and interior designers, both for small house renovations as well as large structures like office hubs, hotels, resorts; I also shoot for the real estate sector and travel magazines.

The photography services include documentation of construction sites for construction companies, with aerial shots and drone videos, both in Italy and abroad.
Furthermore, I shoot pictures of trade fair stands in order to highlight their design and the corporate image during fairs and events.

The range of services is completed by architectural presentation videos, Time-lapses, Virtual Tours, Making Of Videos for shops, show-rooms and temporary shops.

foto interno loft
foto interni industria
foto architettura e interni
foto sauna interno
foto giardino ville
foto architettura paesaggio
foto camera di albergo al Mandarin
foto interni bagno
foto ristrutturazione
foto sala riunioni
foto piscina solarium

The ideal architectural and interiors photography service for:

Architects & Interior Designers

For Specialized Magazines

Together with professional stylists we shoot photography services in order to enhance an apartment’s qualities or a massive architecture, from a simple stairway to to an entire museum.

Interiors photography services for furniture catalogues as well as yachts and boats.

Temporary shops, Installations and Trade Fair Stands

We shoot pictures and videos for the marketing and communication of your business, from the documentation of your spaces and the drone aerial shots, to the setting up of your staging.

Hotels and Resorts, B&Bs, Farmhouses, Holiday Homes, Villas e Residences

The best video & photographic presentation for your structure. We depict rooms and suites, receptions, restaurants, gyms, spas and all details that define your care in hospitality.

Real Estate Agencies, Short Stay and Property Managers

Ideal for Airbnb and Booking

When it comes to selling or renting properties, success depends on one picture.
We enhance your square footage with a portfolio that will increase your visualizations.

Architectural and interiors photography both for small studios and lofts, as well as big industrial and commercial sites.

Construction Companies, Furniture Companies and Contractors

Aerial Photography and Video by Drone

From the construction site to the final delivery, we shoot photography services for construction companies. We document the work progress with pictures and videos. Both for small renovation, big public interventions and industrial plants.

From the foundations to the finishings, we shoot reportages of the construction work and the completion of the details.

Most Frequently Asked Questions
How to best achieve an Architectural Photography Shooting

A good architectural image needs to enhance the lights, the volumes, the materials and the elegance of the space.

A professional photographer has developed his sensitivity to interpret the work of the architect, in order to highlights its virtues through the pictures.

The Architecture photographer Alessandro Della Savia can coordinate a team of two or more assistants for the setting up of an interiors photography shooting.

The team may include a professional stylist and models to simulate your clients’ experience, or to visualize the personnel’s care for your clients, such as waiters, chefs, concierges and receptionists.

Architectural photography requires the utmost attention to all details because every ambience requests a particular attention in the staging. Therefore, a photography service lasts from a half day’s commitment – for smaller spaces – up to one or more days.

The clients can request the shooting in peculiar hours, such as at dawn or sunset, or during nighttime to enhance the lighting.

The estimation of the amount of pictures will be agreed upon during the quotation process of the job. The number of pictures depends on the size of the building and on the details that you wish to valorise, such as panoramic views or the connection between two rooms. For each room, we shoot from different angles and perspectives and then we depict the facade of the building, as well as all the exteriors (such as the garden and the pool).

The pictures will be delivered within 5 working days if they do not need any particular digital manipulation interventions, which will be agreed upon, such as the digital rebuilding of wall and rooms, or photomontages.

The home staging makes the atmosphere warmer and more welcoming, and can make the ambience more precious through forms and colours. We agree together with the client upon how to intervene and if a professional stylist is needed.

We always offer the opportunity to make a site inspection before shooting the photography service. A meeting allows us to define the details of the staging.

In order to realize images that emphasize the strength of your space it is important to understand which – and how many – framings are necessary and sufficient. Also, it is useful to know which time of the day offers the best natural lighting, so to understand whether the sun can offer an artistic contribution.

We collaborate with several Video Productions studios, with the possibility of using drones and cranes for aerial shooting, Time-lapse, Virtual Tours and sequences of the Making of.

We work in all Italy and abroad, for photography services that last one day or longer.

Architecture and Interiors

For Companies, Architects and Private Customers
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Our customers trust us because of the High Quality of our Pictures and Our Punctuality and Professionalism. (Brand marks and logos belong to their respective owners).

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Would you like a complete picture of your company?

Pictures are like a shop window – they describe a company’s profile, its professionalism and ambitions.

I am an architectural and portrait photographer, who can offer you a complete documentation of your company or your professional studio through a reportage during your work, the architectural interiors and exteriors and the professional portraits of your staff.

The aim is to shoot pictures that will show immediately the high professional quality of your products and services, the atmosphere of the working spaces and all details that make your brand unique.

What People Say
our clients
Ritratto Professionale Milano di Simone Alfano
Simone Alfano
Bocconi University in Milan

I perceived a great attention to the needs of the client, I really appreciated the fact that I was asked for which job I intended to propose myself for, I felt at ease and it was nice to be able to see the preview of the photos so as to choose the best ones together.
I am very satisfied with the final result and the professionalism demonstrated during the photo shoot.
I would certainly recommend DS Visuals to colleagues and friends and maybe I’ll go back for the linkedIn profile photos when I need them.

Simone Bozzi Recensione fotografo
Giulia Natale
Consultant at Taylor Root

I had the chance to meet Alessandro and his team as they made a shooting for our company’s website. They were very professional, hands on and attentive about details. The results went far beyond our expectation.

Simone Bozzi Recensione fotografo matrimonio
Simone Bozzi
A Groom from Monza

For a photo shooting or if you want to dig deeper in your passion about photography, Alessandro and DS Visuals are ideal. We tested him personally on our wedding and we successfully recommended him to our friends.

Giulia Natale Recensione fotografo Alessandro Della Savia
Sebastiano Totta
Business Analyst at C2Partners

I used the professional portrait service to be inserted in CV / LinkedIn / Applications. Magnificent and very rewarding experience. Great value for money. Professionalism, flexibility and friendliness.

opinione sul fotografo Milano Alessandro Della Savia di Nicoletta Ravidà
Nicoletta Ravidà
Head of Southern Europe, Taylor Root

The DS Visuals photography studio made the shootings for our institutional website and they were very professional and attentive about details; they were caring and open to listen to our needs and requests.

Recensione fotografo ritratto famiglia Milano di Fabrizio Redaelli
Fabrizio Redaelli
Senior Partner Redaelli & Associate

Congratulations for your wonderful pictures. It is not easy to capture the most relevant aspects of a private family party. Excellent quality of the job. Thank you

Testimonianza per foto professionali di Alberto Terraneo
Alberto Terraneo
Researcher of Studio Gallimberti Bonci & Partners

We needed some photos for the website of the doctor’s office in Milan, we were extremely satisfied with the result.
Alessandro’s team was quick and professional, I would say beyond expectations.
We will certainly turn to them again in the future.

Recensione fotografo milano di Massimo Vaccaro
Massimo Vaccaro
CEO at Fantasy Communication

Together we worked in cooking schools for food clients, as well as in night clubs for exhibitions and events. But the job we mostly remember is that one time we were inside the studio, trying to put on a plate, stage and shoot an ice cream that was not allowed to have event the slightest drop or glossy effect on it, in spite of the heat of the lights… a race against the time.

Recensione per ritratto professionale su Alessandro Della Savia di Vanessa Lopes
Vanessa Lopes
CEO at leDehors

Alessandro had the sensitivity and competence to capture the cosmopolite soul of leDehors. The result went far beyond our expectations, and the professional portraits on our digital channels really made the difference.

Fotografo matrimonio Brescia
Andrea Ghislandi
CEO at Di.Gi. International SpA

The photographers of this photographic studio made important documentation of our corporate events and assist us with their photographic advice in our communication strategies.