Albums & Photo Books

Covers in leather, silk and flax of all sizes

Special memories need a special frame.

For your wedding albums I rely on top quality sartorial vendors, who make elegant and modern products. My aim is to offer you albums full of emotions and you will be able to feel the incredible care for details of scrupulous craftsmanship.

All products are available in the Photo Book version, with images printed on the book-pages, and Traditional Album, with the prints inside the album. You will be able to create a personalized cover, with several choices of color, finishes, models and precious materials like Shantung silk, canvas, linen or eco-leather.
I realize Wedding Books of different sizes, up to 40cm side. I usually propose smaller albums for relatives and friends , starting from 15cm side.

prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
Stampa Album e Fotolibri Matrimonio Professionali a Milano
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
prezzi album fotolibro matrimonio
Our options

Wedding Album

Up to 40cm side

When people think of a wedding reportage they immediately think of a wedding album that the spouse will keep within their home with great care. After having produced the pictures, we start working immediately on the right sequence of the pictures, together with the spouses. We want to tell the visual story of their wedding.

You will be able to choose color and materials, in a vast range of options: Shantung silk, canvas, flax and smooth or hammered leather.

The photo books can be square or rectangular, they can be made of 25 or more pages that can contain traditionally printed and applied pictures, or have the pictures directly printed upon them.

Photo Books of a Project or a Memory

Size and Pages can be Customized

If you have in mind a photographic project that requires a photo book or if you want to make a photo book of a trip or a particular event you would like to keep for yourself or give as a gift, entrust your pictures to us. We will provide all necessary assistance with the post production, the editing and the layout.

We will set up a storyboard together and guide you step by step until we will reach the final product.

Albums for the Parents, Relatives and Friends

Sizes starting from 15cm side

After the wedding you can make a precious gift that parents, relatives and friends will highly appreciate. Thank them for their presence and support with a small-size album of your wedding.

You can customize the albums for your parents, relatives and friends. Choose the pictures you wish to print out, one by one.

Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards

Customized Graphics and Logos

We make portraits and pictures that express your memories. Together with the pictures we will deliver, we can assist you creating a coordinate image of your event. Ask us if you wish to create a layout for the wedding invitations, the graphic design of the event or the wedding tableau.

We will design a logo and the graphics together, according to your preferences.

After the wedding, we can choose together a picture and prepare a thank you card to send to your guests.

I believe that the utmost ambition for a photograph is to end up in a family album.
Ferdinando Scianna
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New Generation Technology

With our Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900 printers, we print with pigment ink Epson UltraChrome™ HDR. The ideal chromatic combination to accurately express the colors on our high visual quality computer screens EIZO e NEC, on Hahnemühle and Canson Infinity papers.