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Choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding reportage is a crucial task in planning your special day. However, finding a photographer who can truly capture your authentic emotions can be challenging.

I am Alessandro Della Savia, a professional reportage photographer specializing in wedding photography. Since 2008 I have dedicated myself to documenting weddings with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence. I am based in Italy and cover various locations, including the beautiful Lake Como.

My goal is to create an emotional narrative through candid and natural images, without imposing artificial poses. I believe in capturing genuine moments that reflect the true essence of your wedding day. Rest assured that I will remain discreet and unobtrusive, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the celebration while I take care of preserving your precious memories.

If you choose me as your wedding photographer, I will deliver a captivating story that portrays your unique love story. From the intricate details to the heartfelt emotions, I will ensure every aspect of your special day is beautifully documented.

Contact me now to discuss your wedding plans and let me be a part of capturing the joy and happiness of your unforgettable wedding day.

I have shot dream weddings in all of Italy’s most popular destinations.
Wherever you dream of exchanging your vows, I will be there with you!
My Latest Reportages

Emotions and Simplicity

The most important pictures to you... and to us

It is a big honor to shoot pictures that will be the memory of a brand new family.

Why things happen – that’s what I care about. A simple hug can tell an important story about bonds between people.

It is my priority to capture these moments of simplicity.

How does a Wedding Reportage work?


My photography studio is specialized in reportage photography, catching the spontaneous moments of the day. If you wish to have more studied pictures, you will just have to ask: I will realize with you beautiful images inside the location or nearby. In posed photography as well, the truthfulness of the gestures will be really important, in order to have completely harmonious and never fake shots.

During your wedding day I will be at your complete disposal. I can make classic portraits with friends and relatives whenever you ask, because even souvenir photos are important in a wedding!

As a reportage photographer, prefer to document everything that inspires me, with no shooting limits.

The concentration of a photographer in action depends on the character and professionalism of the author himself: I are often captivated by the action and I do not stop even when I am certain that I have photographed the whole scene well. For me as a photographer, the action of taking photographs is an artistic search for style and emotion similar to the passion for music that leads a musician to continue to play conveyed by his feelings.

The original digital camera files are in color. In post-production and optimization, images can be left in color or converted to black and white by the photographer’s artistic choice.

In any case, with the delivery you will have all the images in color and any personalization will be decided during the printing phase.

Many guests use their own camera or mobile phone to take photographs and videos at the weddings in which they participate. However, this could annoy the spouses themselves or, for example, the celebrants of a religious ceremony. My photography team and video operators are provided with a card from the Archiepiscopal Curia of Milan to shoot in places of worship during religious ceremonies. We know when and how to shoot, and when it’s not allowed, strictly without interfering or annoying with the use of the flash.

My work consists in taking pictures of  you and your guests during the ceremony and reception, I will be there for you, and there will be shots of your guests at different times. I assure my most scrupulous attention to the perfect outcome of your special day’s documentation. Furthermore, delivery times are very short compared to the average of photographers in this field: the photos you care about will arrive sooner than you think!

I am available to set up a creative and fun Photo Booth in the reception location, an essential photo set that can be a photo booth like those of the past or a simple background, where one of my team’s photographers will take nice pictures of you and your guests with a polaroid or a professional camera.

The Photo Booth is definitely an original way to entertain guests: they will be involved in taking funny or extravagant portraits. The important thing is having fun!

I deliver your wedding photos in JPEG format, without adding any logo or trademark, so to leave you total autonomy in case you want to proceed with the press outside of our Fine Art Printing Lab.

In this regard, I can provide, upon request, the version of the 16-bit tiff images generated by the processing of the raw files, including our post-production interventions. Free of charge.

At the time of delivery you will receive a large selection of all the shots taken in high definition, treated in detail with a photographic post-production, without the addition of logos or brands.

The number of images varies according to the duration of the event and the number of participants: for example, if your wedding is for 150 guests, you will have a complete story in 800/1000 photographs.

After the event I ask the spouses a waiting time before delivery, useful for post-production of all the images, which does not exceed 90 days (excluding the month of August in case it falls within the waiting time).

As for the albums and photo books, starting from the choice of the photos that will be inserted in them, I will deliver the highest quality products within 30 days.

You have the right and the total autonomy to choose to print the images of your wedding wherever you want, as you will receive high resolution files suitable for printing, even large formats.

However, my advice is to entrust the realization of the prints to my Fine Art Printing Lab to guarantee the best performance in terms of papers, colors and finishes, with the attention to detail that distinguishes my work, in order to best reflect the quality of the images of your marriage.

The choice of images to be included in your wedding album will be yours, you will decide which photos you absolutely want to include and which ones can be left out.

I will provide you with a draft layout of albums or photo books in PDF format to help you build the story, created according to my visual sensitivity and my style of storytellers. It will obviously be up to you the final confirmation of the layout, with the full faculty to modify the images and the layout up to obtain a final result you like.

A selection of your wedding photos will be posted on my site, of course unless you specifically ask me not to do so. I will always respect your consent as I am very attentive to the privacy of my clients.

I do this to allow future spouses to appreciate the quality of my photos, in the hope that they will choose me to tell their story. No one chooses a photographer without first seeing his photographs. I always seek out for new stories to tell, new couples, new emotions, and I would like to win the trust of the new spouses with my pictures. This is why it is important for me to have the opportunity to share on my website a piece of every marriage, in full respect of the spouses and their guests.

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