Antitrust Gala Dinner 2018 in Treviso

Our Photography Studio has been invited also this year to realize the XIII Antitrust Congress 2018 reportage, held in Treviso, Italy. The congress is organized by the Law Firm Rucellai & Raffaelli and it is hosted every two years by the Cassamarca Foundation of Treviso, at Casa dei Carraresi.

Alessandro Della Savia, event reportage photographer, has told the elegant gala dinner at Casa Gobbato, in the heart of Montello. The location has very spacious interior rooms that have welcomed its guests in a unique atmosphere where they also had the opportunity to dance until late night. Rewarded for the splendid view on Treviso city, it is also called Serene Terrace for the magnificent landscape that can be gazed.

Uno scorcio del ristorante di Casa Gobbato
Uno scorcio del ristorante di Casa Gobbato che ospiterà
Uno scorcio interno
La splendida location che ospiterà la cena di Gala del Convegno antitrust in Treviso
Gli invitati cominciano il banchetto
Due invitati
Un'invitata s'intrattiene in compagnia di un ospite
Due invitati conversano durante la cena di Gala
Uno scatto spontaneo di un invitato alla Cena di Gala in uno scatto di Alessandro Della Savia,
Un ritratto dell'avvocato Raffaelli durante la Cena di Gala
Uno scatto della grande festa presso il
Il meraviglioso paesaggio
Uno scorcio della Terrazza Serenissima che si affaccia nello splendido paesaggio di Treviso
Un campo totale
Un campo totale
Alcuni scatti degli invitati mentre conversano
Il fotografo di convention aziendaliAlessandro Della Savia riprende in uno scatto Ottavia Raffaelli mentre conversa con un ospite
Riccardo Raffaelli enuncia un discorso agli ospiti durante la cena di Gala presso
Alessandro Raffaelli espone un discorso
Un ospite abbraccia calorosamente l'avvocato Raffaelli
Un ospite
Il dj suona la playlist della serata
Gli invitati chiacchierano in un contesto di festa
Le invitate s'intrattengono in discorsi
Gli invitati si scatenano in pista sotto le luci stroboscopiche in uno scatto di Alessandro Della Savia, servizi fotografici per feste e cene aziendali
I partecipanti ballano scatenati sotto delle luci stroboscopiche viola in uno scatto di Della Savia, fotografo di feste aziendali
Lo scatto di un simpatico ospite durante la festa
L'avvocato Alessandro Raffaelli abbraccia i partecipanti alla festa
Gli invitati volteggiano in mezzo alla pista
Gli invitati si scatenano a ritmo di musica
Ottavia Raffaelli danza in pista in compagnia degli ospiti
Le dazne proseguono sino a tarda serata

Would you like pictures like that?

My style is elegant and spontaneous reportages to narrate your event just the way it will unfold. I will shoot pictures of all details and will capture the emotions of the participants.

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Simone Alfano
Bocconi University in Milan

I perceived a great attention to the needs of the client, I really appreciated the fact that I was asked for which job I intended to propose myself for, I felt at ease and it was nice to be able to see the preview of the photos so as to choose the best ones together.
I am very satisfied with the final result and the professionalism demonstrated during the photo shoot.
I would certainly recommend DS Visuals to colleagues and friends and maybe I’ll go back for the linkedIn profile photos when I need them.

Giulia Natale
Consultant at Taylor Root

I had the chance to meet Alessandro and his team as they made a shooting for our company’s website. They were very professional, hands on and attentive about details. The results went far beyond our expectation.

Simone Bozzi
A Groom from Monza

For a photo shooting or if you want to dig deeper in your passion about photography, Alessandro and DS Visuals are ideal. We tested him personally on our wedding and we successfully recommended him to our friends.

Sebastiano Totta
Business Analyst at C2Partners

I used the professional portrait service to be inserted in CV / LinkedIn / Applications. Magnificent and very rewarding experience. Great value for money. Professionalism, flexibility and friendliness.

Nicoletta Ravidà
Head of Southern Europe, Taylor Root

The DS Visuals photography studio made the shootings for our institutional website and they were very professional and attentive about details; they were caring and open to listen to our needs and requests.

Fabrizio Redaelli
Senior Partner Redaelli & Associate

Congratulations for your wonderful pictures. It is not easy to capture the most relevant aspects of a private family party. Excellent quality of the job. Thank you

Alberto Terraneo
Researcher of Studio Gallimberti Bonci & Partners

We needed some photos for the website of the doctor’s office in Milan, we were extremely satisfied with the result.
Alessandro’s team was quick and professional, I would say beyond expectations.
We will certainly turn to them again in the future.

Massimo Vaccaro
CEO at Fantasy Communication

Together we worked in cooking schools for food clients, as well as in night clubs for exhibitions and events. But the job we mostly remember is that one time we were inside the studio, trying to put on a plate, stage and shoot an ice cream that was not allowed to have event the slightest drop or glossy effect on it, in spite of the heat of the lights… a race against the time.

Vanessa Lopes
CEO at leDehors

Alessandro had the sensitivity and competence to capture the cosmopolite soul of leDehors. The result went far beyond our expectations, and the professional portraits on our digital channels really made the difference.

Andrea Ghislandi
CEO at Di.Gi. International SpA

The photographers of this photographic studio made important documentation of our corporate events and assist us with their photographic advice in our communication strategies.