My Wedding Portfolio

I am Alessandro Della Savia, a destination wedding photographer fueled by a passion for capturing cherished memories both in Italy and beyond. My lifelong dream of exploring new places and creating beautiful images has evolved into my everyday dedication.

In my portfolio, you’ll find a collection of my best works showcasing wonderful moments and unforgettable celebrations of love, friendship, and affection between couples and their loved ones. I invest significant effort in capturing each indelible moment, conveying its atmosphere and rhythm with spontaneity and freshness.

My ultimate goal is to craft pictures that will eternally reside in the hearts of my clients, capturing memories that transcend time and resonate across generations. I am committed to delivering images that evoke emotions and safeguard my clients’ most precious memories.

Feel free to reach out and let’s start discussing how I can capture and preserve the timeless moments of your special day.

Albums & Photo Books

We print out traditional albums and photo books for you and your beloved ones.

For the storytelling of your special event I propose classic albums and modern and stylish photo books.

All prints are top quality. You can choose between different highly resistant and bright paper kinds.

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