Danilo & Giorgia

Danilo e Giorgia’s Wedding

Wedding Reportage in San Remo

This young, enthusiastic couple had asked us for a spontaneous reportage, fresh and lighthearted, for a great, fantastic wedding day.

The sun was brightly shining in Sanremo, and the bride and groom both decided to have their getting ready done at home, surrounded by the love of their relatives, and smiles and hugs filled the air with good mood. The bride had chosen a splendid gown, which gave the celebrations a further touch of glamour.

After the religious ceremony, which was intimate and solemn, everyone moved to the promenade on the seashore for the reception. It was almost mandatory to shoot some pictures on the promenade at sunset, and then the party started, until late at night, and ended with gorgeous fireworks.

The Slideshow of the Event

Revive your entire wedding within the time of a song

Selected pictures from the reportage assembled into a music slideshow, to revive all emotions of the day before enjoying the pictures one by one.

Do You Want Similar Photos For Your Wedding?

We shoot elegant and spontaneous reportages that narrate the event just as it will be. We will be invisible, but focused just on you.

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Wedding Reportage
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