Matteo & Kim

Matteo & Kim’s Wedding

Wedding Reportage in Milan

Matteo and Kim had arrived to Milan from Dubai, where they both live and work, to celebrate their wedding inside the extraordinary Basilica of Saint Ambrose. It is very rare to be able to participate in a wedding in one of Milan’s oldest churches, and to us it was a splendid occasion for uniting a wedding reportage with architectural edges of immense value. The elegance of the spouses and their guests, as well as the bride’s sophisticated lace dress fit inside the venue in a very harmonious way.

After the religious function, relatives and friends moved towards Villa Sommi Picenardi, close to Lecco, an ancient noble mansion already from the Seventeenth century on, surrounded by an Italian-style garden and an extraordinary English garden, as well as a “secret garden”.

The afternoon passed by merrily and was rejoiced even more by a little bit of a Bavarian touch, since Kim is from Germany; traditional dishes and beer mugs were always there and, late at night, after games and dances organized for the wedding couple, Matteo and Kim also wore the traditional Bavarian dresses for the final dances.

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