Mauro & Francesca

Mauro & Francesca’s Wedding

Wedding Reportage in Alife

Mauro and Francesca got married in an ancient church rich in atmosphere in Alife, close to Caserta, in Southern Italy. The view from the heights was really gorgeous. The long veil of the bride, her refined lace dress and the luxurious vintage car which the groom arrived upon gave the ceremony an even more stylish touch.

All guests were amazed by the reception, organized by the wedding planner Cira Lombardo. A grandiose gazebo had been set up in the groom’s garden, with white sand spreads on one side, and parquet on the other one.
Colored lights created a magical and suffused atmosphere, whilst white orchid and lily of the valley centerpieces decorated with light style the tables. Finally, a seven stories high cake and dances until late at night with live music took the scene.

The Slideshow of the Event

Revive your entire wedding within the time of a song

Selected pictures from the reportage assembled into a music slideshow, to revive all emotions of the day before enjoying the pictures one by one.

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