Pierpaolo & Chedia

Pierpaolo & Chedia’s Wedding

Wedding Reportage
in Milan

On a beautiful sunny day in the very heart of Milan city, our bride and groom moved towards Palazzo Reale.

The bride Chedia arrived from Piazza della Scala, followed by our wedding photographer Alessandro Della Savia, capturing these intense emotional moments in candid shots.

After the ceremony the celebration went on in Palazzo Parigi, one of Milans most fashionable hotels. Lots of smiles and tears arose during the reception, in an intimate and joyous atmosphere faithfully depicted in the wedding reportage.

Would you like pictures like that for your wedding?

I shoot elegant and candid pictures that narrate the event just as it will be. I will be invisible, but focused just on you.

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Wedding Reportage
The Associations
Quality Certified

The Photographer Alessandro Della Savia is a member of ambitious international associations that reward excellence in contemporary wedding photography.